Go Design Engineer: The #1 On-Demand Learning Resources to Solve the Industry-Wide Skills Gap.

Go Design Engineer: In the Face of an Industry-Wide Skills Gap and Skills Shortage, Offering Real Industry Resources For an Effective On-Demand Learning Experience. Your Purchase of One or More of Our Products Will Help Support Our Outreach.

In today's competitive market, it takes the right resources to enable effective learning and growth.  With the industry-wide skills gap in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, it has become evident that traditional campus and video-based tutorial experiences fail to provide sufficient and affordable industry exposure to the student and trainee. Students who have access to an abundance of information that includes areas of personal learning interest tend to not only learn their direct objective, but also discover peripheral learning areas which expands and enforces the original learning objective.

At Go Design Engineer, we offer a suite of concise, detailed eBooks and CAD models which are tailored to the needs of growing students, engineers, drafters, and business leaders; we bring the industry experience into the learning environment.  With each product offering an abundance of information, the student's direct and indirect learning objectives can be met. Whether the need be for real-world templates, advancing skills or capabilities, obtaining more complex real-world examples from industry, or practical insight into the world's automation and manufacturing industry, Go Design Engineer is the source.

With these versatile resources, applications include independent learning, employee training for retainment and company growth, skills tests for candidate screening, incentive programs, university coursework and milestone projects. The ability to utilize these training tools in a geographic location or virtual setting allows for a limitless solution to a widespread challenge. The perpetual single-user license with every product returns a far greater value than other training venues while not imposing a time-limited or schedule-restricting demand - allowing the user, the trainer, and the instructor complete freedom to seamlessly plan and integrate these tools and help train the future workforce.